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Mango chutney

£3.85 (Sold out)

This is not your usual restaurant style mango chutney which is more often than not just a mango jam.  Full of fruity flavour and a delicate mix of specially selected Indian spices, you have found your new best chutney for naan bread, popadoms or even your sandwiches. Enjoy the delightful dance of different whole spices in your mouth, it's as if they different in each and every bite.
This chutney also mixes perfectly in curry if you prefer to sweeten them up a little.

- Mild in heat, but fun when you eat! 2/10 on our heat scale
- Each jar contains 210g, might last a while if you can resist it!
- Proper mango chutney with Indian spices, not just mango and sugar
- Prepared with only the best natural products
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Heat: - 2/10

210g - approx 8 servings

Ingredients: -
Mango (58%), white wine vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger, spices, salt