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Kashmiri curry sauce (medium)


This medium strength, warming, richly flavoured curry contains Himalayan spices like those found in Kashmir, such as black cumin (different to normal cumin), black cardamom (camphorous and smokey), and Himalayan pink salt with all its minerals. More importantly its defining flavouring is from Kashmiri chilli which has a beautiful bright red colour and distinctive mild flavour. All this balanced out with a little sweetness from some raisins and you have a proper hearty mountain curry.
This curry is equally good with chicken, red meats or vegetables.

- Heat: - Medium - 6/10
- The pouch contains 500g of sauce, enough for up to 4 people
- Shelf life: - 3 months
- Suitable for vegetarians/vegans
- Free from gluten, nuts, added sugar, preservatives

Ingredients: -
Onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, Kashmiri chilli, spices, salt, distilled vinegar, vegetable oil

Suitable for vegetarians/vegans