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Spicymonkey is going to the jungle - what about the curry?

Spicymonkey has got an amazing opportunity to head into the jungle for a family adventure which may include looking for monkeys and will more than likely involve recipe research (not with monkeys of course!). There'll never be a better time for us to do this as a family.


Unfortunately this does mean that it will not be possible to buy anything from Spicymonkey while we're away. Sorry.

Don't worry though, we will definitely be coming back and the curry pans will be restarted as soon as possible when we return.


If you would like to hoard some curry before we leave you can find us at one of our many Christmas markets in November and December.


Alternatively you can get a 20% discount on the website (orders over £30) by using this code when you checkout - FREEZERFULL

This offer will be available right up until we go or until there is no curry left.


All our curry sauces will freeze very well, they'll still taste great even after a year!

If by any chance you have any interest in following our adventure or want to check up on us (to make sure we really are coming back) you can find details at this website: -