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Meet the Spicymonkey staff...

Our story...

Many years ago when Spicymonkey was a young chimp he was often found in the kitchen making biscuits, puddings, weird sandwiches and apple pie with far too much cinnamon. Later he worked in Italian and French restaurants and became more interested in different styles of cooking. A little later he pretended to attend Bradford University while sampling many amazing curries for a few years. This led on to a year of wandering around India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia where he was lucky enough to sample more amazing food and spend time with several cooks.


Later travels through Yunnan, Sichuan, Morocco and several  countries in South America led Spicymonkey to realise that cooking superb, authentic, tasty, spicy food was all he wanted to do. Spicymonkey the business was born in 2008.


Originally the business plan was simply to fund a wedding and a year long trip around South America with wifeymonkey. Upon our return Spicymonkey got busy developing all the recipes for the amazing spice mixes, marinades and sauces you find on our site today. We're absolutely confident that all that time, travel and research has resulted in the delicious products you find here now.


It's rewarding to know that Indians buy our curry, that Mexicans buy our mole and chilli mix, that Chinese are surprised by our Szechuan and Emporer sauces and that so many people become regular customers. Thank you all.


Apart from the obvious cooking, curry and spice interests here at Spicymonkey Towers there is one more glaringly obvious obsession, and that is MONKEYS!

Part of our trip to South America was to spend time at IntiWaraYassi in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest. This sanctuary helps rehabilitate animals that have been kept in zoos, circuses, hotels etc. by giving them a more natural environment in which to live. Occasionally some animals are able to eventually live in a semi-free state, roaming around the jungle. It was an absolute privilege to spend time there and we continue to support the organisation with donations when we can.