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Keralan curry Goan curry

What our customers say...

"Absolutely delicious!! Beats the local takeaway by miles."


Mark, Hexham

"Many thanks, I bought some of your items from the Food Fayre in Malton earlier this year... got to say it's delicious"


Adele, Malton

"I have had many curries over the years and this was one of the best I have ever tasted up there with  5 star restaurant fayre."


Thank you, Mick, Seaton Delaval

"I bought 3 of your curry sauces at an event in York - they were delicious and each served 4 easily. They are far superior to anything in the supermarkets."


Barbara, York

"We tried your Curry sauce and it was superb, very tasty. Excellent stuff,"


Lee, York

"As a Ship's Master for over 30 years with mainly Indian Cooks these are as good as any I have tasted, and better than any other available in the U.K."


Cheers, Kirk

"I've been buying these sauces for years, absolutely love your Goan curry. It's the best!"


Simon, Newcastle

"WOW! I bought 3 of your sauces at Durham Xmas market and our Boxing day curry was the best ever."


Jane, Durham

"Absolutely addicted to your Keralan curry sauce.

We have it every week, so much better than the takeaways, and quicker too."


Andy, Northallerton

What Spicymonkey says...

Curry range

All our products are handmade using our own recipes which have slowly evolved and improved over the past 12 years.


We don't add anything to them that doesn't need to be there. All natural, no preservatives, no E-numbers, just vegetables, spices and a bit of fruit juice or vinegar.

No nuts are used anywhere in the kitchen so we can guarentee they are completely nut free, something quite rare for a curry sauce.


Because we use the freshest whole spices and we roast and grind our own spice mixes before cooking each batch, the end result is a sauce absolutely full of flavour.

Occasionally you may find a stringy bit of lemongrass or a fibrous bit of cardamom husk in your sauce - it's a guarantee that you're not getting some bland soup from a supermarket shelf.

Malaysian curry

Malaysian curry

mild with sweet spices